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ennit AG - IT- & Online-Solutions

Backup of Linux, Windows & Solaris with only one backup tool

Backup whenever and wherever!

„SEP sesam ensures data protection not only for Linux operating systems, but also for Windows, Solaris and a whole bunch of databases - with only one backup tool!

The IT service specialist ennit AG started with the development of software 13 years ago. Meanwhile the german company is focused in hosting or rather outsourcing of complex systems as well the connectivity of almost 400 locations. ennit offers its customers for business an appropriate infrastructure.

“With SEP sesam our customers’ data is always well protected,” reports Uwe Kastens, Director of Cloud Technologies & Services at ennit AG.

A special subject of ennit is the travel industry. The company develops hotel websites and its own hotel reservation systems.

“It happens very often that we have to restore our customers’ data due to operator error or deletion by mistake. With the integrated Recovery wizard restores are performed very easily”, said Uwe Kastens.

The Challenge

ennit runs two data centers, including data from several hundred business customers. Every day, two SEP sesam backup systems provide reliable backup and restore operations with this enormous amount of data.

SEP sesam protects more than 14 TB of customers’ data from nearly 750 systems in two data centers.

“Whenever we are faced with new requirements in our infrastructure, the SEP team always delivers the perfect backup solution. Our company-wide environment runs SEP sesam since 2005 without any problems”, Kastens added. 

Flexibility with only one tool

“The backup software not only protects Linux operating systems but also Windows and Solaris as well as a large variety of databases such as Oracle and MS SQL, Exchange and VMware”, reports Kastens. “And all this with just one tool. Other solutions only solved part of our problems or were economically unattractive due to their unflexible license model”, explains Kastens. 

In addition ennit creates enterprise cloud desktops and realizes cloud services. This enables employees to easily and securely access company data always a and everywhere. Therefore cloud desktops are provided on thin-clients where ennit customers can easily access Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Office and special applications like CRM systems.

SEP sesam - the straightforward solution

“In some hostings we have a small amount of data. Together with the SEP team we found a matching license model in the shortest time possible. At first the licensing opened up many possibilities and the solution is very straightforward”, states Kastens. 

SEP also convinced with personal qualities thanks to SEP Sales Director Johann Krahfuss. “I’ve never met someone like Johann again, who is at such high level regarding technical and sales issues”, says Uwe Kastens

Highly Professional and Fast

“SEP sesam has enormous advantages for the operation of our customers’ systems. The variety of expansion options offered by this software solves all of our problems. Therefore, we have trained and certified our technicians for SEP sesam,” says Kastens.

The installation of SEP sesam was quick and easy - without having the need to understand the philosophy or concept behind the backup solution.

“I remember installing an update at a customer’s system and it was completed in only two minutes. This deeply impressed me and the customer,” says Kastens. 

SEP sesam backs up absolutely reliable the customer’ corporate data in the ennit IT-environment. ennit is evaluating in SEP’s Si3 data deduplication solution to significantly reduce the backup volume.

Customer Environment

  • Server in two separate data centers
  • Disaster- Recovery system
  • Physical and virtual servers
  • Novell GroupWise & Novell Vibe as e-mail / collaboration platforms
  • Energy data management
  • Financial and accounting systems
  • CRM- and MIS
  • time recording system with access control
  • video control
  • Storage: NetApp, HP MSA & Tape Library

SEP sesam Modules

  • Backup server: Linux
  • Client operating systems: Linux, Windows, Novell OES
  • Virtualization: VMware vSphere
  • Datenbanken: Oracle & MS SQL
  • Databases: Oracle & MS SQL
  • 25TB DataStore

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