SEP Tachometer - the Best Way to Save Money!

Analyze your Savings with the SEP sesam Si3 Deduplication Technology

With SEP Tachometer we provide you a flexible data analysis tool which enables you to analysis your data easily, fast and for free.

  • Install SEP Tachometer on your Windows, Linux or Mac machine.
  • Thanks to SEP Tachometer, you'll be able to analyze your local SEP sesam DataStore or any other mounted storage (even NFS shares).
  • SEP Tachometer analyzes the structure of your data and calculates potential savings using SEP sesam Si3 deduplication.
  • Results are provided in a comprehensible graphical layout, allowing you to gain a fast and easy overview of your potential data savings.

  • Potential backup storage saving
  • Total count of analyzed files
  • File size ranking
  • Statistical evaluation of file extensions
  • Statistical evaluation of file sizes by extension

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On Demand Webinar - SEP sesam Hybrid Backup Introduction & Live Demo

  • Functionality of Si3 Inline Deduplication
  • The numerous possibilities for securing a wide variety of environments
  • Live-Demo

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