Fully integrated ransomware protection for SEP sesam backups

in Microsoft Windows environments.

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Ransomware Protection with Blocky4sesam

Backup is a key area in enterprise ransomware protection, as cyber attacks usually aim to destroy backup data. With Blocky4sesam™ you choose reliable protection of your SEP sesam backups against Ransomware - secure, fully integrated and without annoying administration effort for your Windows systems.

Proven technology in use against Ransomware

It happens again and again that malware overcomes generic protection programs. In this case, Blocky4sesam™ forms the last and at the same time the safest line of defense in front of your data, against which the malware bounces. The effective protection of Blocky4sesam™ is guaranteed by a security module. As a gateway to the data, it enables access to it - and of course only for authenticated processes. There is no way for malware to pass through this gate. 

The ransomware protection is based on GRAU DATA's proven application whitelisting (as recommended by the BSI) technologies and is specially tailored for integration into SEP sesam backup solutions and prevents any modification of the data without explicit authorization. To identify authorized processes, Blocky uses the application fingerprint. Unauthorized access is also logged and reported to the administrator. In addition, automatic backup copies are created via the Instant Copy feature to eliminate any data loss. Blocky4sesam™ protects against malware even if it has infiltrated the program and the Blocky software has been corrupted. Thus, Blocky4sesam™ forms a secure shield for your data in Windows systems. With just a few clicks you are protected and cyber criminals have no chance to manipulate your backup data.

Blocky4sesam - last line of defense

Blocky4sesam™ is the last line of defense to protect your backups from the ever-growing threat of ransomware. Even after a successful attack on your network, all data in the backup remains intact and damage from ransomware is kept to a minimum.

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Benefits at a glance

Secure data protection against ransomware and malware

Protects Windows NTFS volumes and ReFS volumes of SEP sesam server

Application Whitelisting

Application fingerprint for process identification

Monitoring and notification in real time

Targeted protection by focusing on specific work areas


Significantly simplified configuration

Security module for optimal data self-defense

Ransomware protection for SEP sesam backups in Linux environments



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