SEP AG: Your partner for NIS-2 compliant backup and disaster recovery solutions

In today's world, the protection of critical infrastructure and sensitive data is of paramount importance. The EU NIS-2 directive sets new standards in cyber security to better protect critical and important company data. SEP AG supports organizations on their path to compliance with these regulations in backup and disaster recovery.

Our powerful portfolio offers comprehensive solutions for backup and recovery processes as well as specialized checklists and tools that simplify and automate NIS 2 compliance.

Learn how SEP AG can help your organization meet the challenges of the NIS-2 directive while optimizing your backup infrastructure.

What is NIS-2?

The NIS-2 Directive (Network and Information Security 2) updates the original NIS Directive from 2016 and aims to strengthen cybersecurity in the EU. It extends the scope to more sectors and companies, including energy, transport, banking, and healthcare. Companies must implement strict security measures, including risk management and encryption, and report significant security incidents quickly. The directive promotes cooperation between EU member states and ensures that national security incident response teams work together. National regulators have more powers to enforce and monitor compliance. This will protect critical infrastructure and standardize security across the EU.

Who will be affected by the NIS-2 Directive?

The NIS-2 Directive affects many companies and organizations, often without them being aware of it. It affects organizations from the 18 sectors including energy, transport, health, water, finance, and digital infrastructure. Companies with an annual turnover of more than 10 million euros or more than 50 employees must comply with the directive. In Germany, around 30,000 companies are affected by the new regulation! The NIS-2 law requires increased security standards, including effective backup and recovery solutions to prevent cyber-attacks and minimize data loss. Many companies are unaware that they are subject to these regulations, which can lead to compliance risks and potential penalties.

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What changes does the NIS-2 directive bring to the backup sector?

The NIS-2 directive tightens the security requirements for critical infrastructure, particularly in backup systems. Companies must adapt their backup strategies and ensure that they comply with the new requirements. Key measures include implementing secure and reliable backup and recovery procedures, performing regular backup integrity checks, and protecting backups from unauthorized access.

How can SEP help to support the NIS-2 directive?

SEP AG is your trusted backup partner when it comes to meeting the requirements of the NIS-2 directive. With our own backup and disaster recovery solution SEP sesam, we offer you a comprehensive, proven solution that covers and meets all NIS-2 requirements today.

SEP helps organizations meet the verification requirements of the NIS-2 directive by providing a comprehensive view of the backup infrastructure, enabling automated backup checks, and providing an overview of the efficiency and security of the backup processes.

In addition to our powerful backup solution, we also offer comprehensive consulting services to help you successfully implement the NIS-2 backup and recovery requirements. Schedule a consultation with our experts now.

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