SEP sesam Backup and Recovery for Microsoft SharePoint

Teamwork, Ideas, Workflows, Projects and Processes - SEP sesam secures the heart of your company

If you want to have productive employees, you have to network them. The demand for collaboration software is increasing accordingly. From the account manager who needs a customer list, to the developer who is looking for specific products, to the manager who has to inform his team about a changed milestone in the schedule of a project - everyone must be up to date.

Despite the high reliability and performance of the Microsoft product, unpredictable problems and data loss occur again and again. What recovery options do you have if you lose business-critical data stored on a SharePoint server? You could restore the entire content database using the last backup or snapshot. But do you really want to overwrite all the data on your production server just to find and recover a few files and how much would that affect your business? Why spend time and effort restoring the entire database when you only have one page or file that needs to be restored.

SEP sesam SharePoint Recovery Pro

Quickly finding individual elements and restoring them by using Drag and Drop 

With the high-performance solution SEP sesam, restores of individual elements up to disaster recovery of the entire system can be restored quickly and easily. SEP sesam SharePoint Recovery Pro enables immediate data access to the SharePoint savesets without time-consuming object retrieval, comfortable search in all contents and the recovery of individual elements via drag and drop. SEP sesam SharePoint Recovery Pro does not make any changes to the metadata of SharePoint source or destination. The solution ensures data integrity by accessing the source files in read mode. It does not change the data even when accessing the target and ensures the integrity of metadata throughout the entire recovery process. Thus, the requirements for the storage of original documents are also fulfilled. Thanks to SEP sesam SharePoint Recovery Pro, all mounted items, lists, libraries and folders on the SharePoint production server or on another SharePoint server can be restored to another location and exported to a file system or by e-mail.

Export of mounted elements

Restore individual objects in the original SharePoint Server, as e-mail attachment or any location, even offline

Compliance with legal regulations

Meets requirements for the storage of original documents

Support of virtual and physical systems

Incl. multi-hypervisor support (VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, RHEV, etc.)

Bare Metal Recovery

Complete recovery thanks to SEP sesam BSR Pro - Disaster Recovery for Windows

Original metadata is retained

The integrity of the metadata of elements (author, date,...) is ensured during the restore.

Drag and Drop Recovery

Recover individual objects in a few minutes

Instant data access without restore

Mount & search SharePoint savesets without time-consuming data recovery

Advanced search function

Easily find individual SharePoint objects thanks to multi-level search

SEP sesam SharePoint Recovery Pro

Mounten aus DedupStore per Drag and Drop

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SEP sesam Instant Recovery

Instantly access all backed up data without time-consuming recovery

Time saves money

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SEP sesam Exchange Recovery Pro

Never lose emails, document attachments, calendar entries again, 

Notes or tasks

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