SEP sesam Apollon V2

Apollon, the god of light and prophecy served as a template for our latest release and is the beginning of our new release series "Gods".

As an archer, he accurately hits the points in the data backup that needed to be expanded. And that's what our developers have done: Apollon includes the immutability of backups and thus extends the variety of backup options with SEP sesam.

Apollon V2 offers Backup for Hyperconverged Infrastructures (HCI), enhancements and improvements, making your environment even more secure and ensuring optimal protection of your data!

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SEP sesam offers efficient data backup for SAP IQ,
which was developed in cooperation with SAP.

  • Easy automation of backups with SEP sesam command events
  • Automatic retention management for your SAP IQ database and transaction log backups
  • Easy overview and monitoring with Web UI
  • No more manual housekeeping for local backups
  • Enables integration into system update programs

VMware Storage Hardware Snapshots

Increased backup performance

  • SEP sesam utilizes the storage hardware snapshot capabilities of the underlying storage systems so that a VM snapshot does not have to be active during the entire backup execution. This significantly increases backup performance.
  • Storage hardware snapshots enable uninterrupted VM operation during the backup process.

PostgreSQL INCR Backup

  • The SEP sesam PostgreSQL module supports DIFF/INCR backups.
  • These backups include file-level backups of both PostgreSQL database files and PostgreSQL Write Ahead Log (WAL) files. Backup and restore operations are performed for complete database instances.

Even easier - new unit licensing

The new SEP sesam unit licensing model (SEP sesam UNIT PURCHASE and SUBSCRIPTION LICENSE) allows easy identification of license relevant Tier T1/T2/T3 units.



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SEP sesam Apollon - new features and benefits for you

SEP sesam SAP IQ Integration

SEP sesam offers efficient backup and recovery of SAP IQ. SAP IQ is the efficient relational database management system (RDBMS) for the SAP Business Technology Platform with maximum speed, performance and security, which simultaneously supports comprehensive enterprise data warehousing and big data analysis. The integration enables the use of multiple stripes and the backup of data in simultaneous data streams.

The SAP IQ backup includes the selected backup level of an SAP IQ database and a full backup of the catalog store. The integration offers the following backup methods:

  • FULL (a complete copy of the database),
  • DIFF (all changes to the database since the last full backup, also called INCREMENTAL-SINCE-FULL) and
  • INCR (all transactions since the last backup of any type). A COPY backup is not supported.

VMware Backup with Hardware Snapshots

VMware Backup with hardware snapshots significantly increases backup performance. Hardware snapshots enable uninterrupted VM operation during the backup process, minimizing downtime for critical applications and ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.

SEP sesam offers the possibility to perform efficient and fast backups of virtual environments with the help of hardware snapshots. Hardware snapshots capture the exact state of a VM's virtual disks at a specific point in time, ensuring a consistent view of the VM's virtual disks during the backup process. SEP sesam utilizes the hardware snapshot capabilities offered by the underlying storage systems such as HPE Nimble Storage, Pure Storage or other SAN storage systems.

In the event of data loss or VM failure, the VMs can be restored from a backup with hardware snapshots in the same way as with a normal VMware restore. Using the standard VMware restore procedure, the desired VM can be selected and the corresponding recovery point can be chosen from the available backup results with hardware snapshots.

PostgreSQL INCR Backup

The SEP sesam PostgreSQL module supports DIFF/INCR backups. These backups include file-level backups of both PostgreSQL database files and PostgreSQL Write Ahead Log (WAL) files. Backup and restore operations can only be performed for complete database instances and not for individual databases.
The SEP sesam extension for PostgreSQL enables an uninterrupted backup of PostgreSQL databases. The SEP sesam PostgreSQL module supports two different methods for backing up PostgreSQL databases:

Use of the pg_dump utility, which enables the execution of individual database backups and restore operations. For backing up a complete database instance, this method is supported for the COPY backup method.

File-level backup that backs up both the PostgreSQL database files and the Write Ahead Log (WAL) files. SEP sesam can perform FULL and DIFF backups for complete database instances when the PostgreSQL database is running in WAL mode.

For DIFF backups, the PostgreSQL database must be running in WAL mode.

Further new features & improvements in Apollon V2 at a glance

  • Improved Notify and Alarm interfaces with additional email notifications for command events.
  • Various CLI (Command Line Interface) enhancements, including datastore configuration, client export, command and schedule renaming, datastore management and more.
  • Updates and improvements to the Restore Wizard, including single file restore and VM mount now in simple mode, improved restore logging and more.
  • Web UI with HTTPS protocol for REST server communication, new pages for savesets by datastore, saveset deletion, backup migration, instant start for schedules, and a number of layout and navigation improvements for improved usability.

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