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Backwelt Pilz

SEP is selected as the backup solution for consolidated protection of a hybrid virtualized KVM environment and the integration of a Kopano email system into the Enterprise backup solution.

Backwelt Pilz is a

manufacturer of innovative, high-quality freezer baked goods. The

company’s high standards are certified by the guidelines of the

International Food Standard and the Austria Bio Garantie. Many of

their products have both the AMA seal of approval and the AMA Bio

label. Backwelt Pilz strives for product diversity and offers a wide

range of product categories with a variety of recipes, sizes and

shapes. Their product diversity creates a large amount of data and,

therefore, a reliable IT infrastructure to support the business is

essential. Pilz’s IT infrastructure, which included KVM Hypervisors

and Bare Metal Server, was maturing and needed to be updated. A

central email system was missing and users were using different

versions of different Email applications. For data backup, two

different solutions that ran independently of each other were in

place, which was not optimal for resources and would be problematic

in the event of a disaster.

The objective was to

obtain business continuity across the entire infrastructure and keep

business-critical information available. The IT network needed to be

centrally re-structured with the goal of increased flexibility,

security and availability. The existing KVM VMs and the bare metal

ERP Server was migrated to a Proxmox cluster for failover.

The email system was

changed so that classic groupware features like common calendar and

new E-Augmenting Teamwork Features (web meetings and ownCloud

integrations) are available. Another requirement was that all users

have the same mail clients and version. Everything should be under a

central, unified backup solution that protects data, provides

centralized management and fast granular restore, including Single

Item Restore for groupware.

"The investment

in the new hardware and software solution pays off every day and

guarantees us security and flexibility for the future!" explains

Markus Sitz, head of the Information Technology at Backwelt Pilz.

implementation through SEP partner

Siedl Networks

consolidated Backwelt Pilz’s backup solutions to SEP sesam to

increase simplicity of management and to improve data security. Siedl

Networks GmbH is a long-standing and experienced SEP partner that

focuses on development of heterogeneous IT solutions using Open

Source technologies and IT services.

Pilz’s new

solution is based on central storage Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 and a

server cluster with automatic failover consisting of two Fujitsu

RX2530 M2. An existing Fujitsu RX300 was upgraded and reallocated as

the central backup server and cluster Management Server. In order to

ensure that the desired failover is achieved, the open source

virtualization platform Proxmox was installed so that if one server

fails the system is still in production. The existing Univention

Corporate Server (UCS) was migrated and brought up to date.

The Zarafa groupware

system and all of its data was migrated to Kopano and the Kopano Desk

app was rolled out company-wide as the standardized email solution.


To improve data

backup, many software agents from SEP sesam were used so that a

complete, central solution can reliably back up and restore data when

necessary. The SEP agent for Kopano allows users to restore

individual items such as emails or contacts from the backup. The

backup of data and databases are performed using Backup2Disk and

Disk2Tape. The data is first written to a NAS storage system and then

backed up to tape. For monitoring, the backup server is connected to

Siedl Networks’ monitoring system. In the event of a failure, Siedl

Networks’ technician team will be informed immediately and can

quickly intervene. The combination of SEP Sesam, Proxmox, Kopano and

the Univention Corporate Server created a robust failover and data

security system that is centrally managed and easily monitored with

one program.

With the upgrade of

their IT infrastructure and consolidated data protection solution,

SEP sesam, Pilz’s data security has enormously increased. "The

investment in the new hardware and software solution pays off every

day and guarantees us security and flexibility for the future,"

explains Markus Sitz, head of the Information Technology at Backwelt


"Due to many

years of experience with IT projects in heterogeneous environments,

and the success of both the SEP and Univention technologies, we were

able to optimally adapt and successfully implement the solution to

customer-specific requirements,” Johannes Zöhrer, Settlement,

Consulting/Sales, Siedl Networks GmbH, SEP Partner.


Backwelt Pilz GmbH

produces innovative, high-quality frozen bakery products in large

quantities at competitive prices and is a profit- and growth-oriented

company. Their company motto is "Quality is a matter p(rye)de"

and so are the actions of the Backwelt Pilz. The company stands for

professionalism, innovation, performance and reliability. Backwelt

Pilz offers its customers a wide range of products from a single

source. Due to a well-thought-out production process, they are able

to produce products of consistently high quality and preserve their

craftsmanship. Backwelt Pilz also offers packaging solutions tailored

to each customer’s needs.

Backwelt Pilz had an

IT infrastructure with KVM hypervisor and a bare metal server. This

infrastructure was aging and needed to be renewed. The services used

were outdated and also needed to be modernized. Various versions of

different email applications were in use without a central email

client. For data backup, two independent backup solutions were in


With SEP sesam, a

central backup solution with unified management was implemented to

improve data security and simplify administration. The new Kopano

solution introduced a uniform email system that is centrally secured

with SEP’s Kopano agent. With the SEP agent, it is now possible to

back up and restore individual Kopano items such as single emails or

contacts. By leveraging the combination of Proxmox, SEP sesam, Kopano

and Univention Corporate server, high standards of failover and data

security have been established with a modern and flexible solution

that can be centrally controlled and monitored with one program.

The new solution

consists of central storage and a server cluster with automatic

failover. A Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 and two Fujitsu RX2530 M2 are in

use for hardware. The existing Fujitsu RX300 was reallocated as the

central backup server and cluster management server. To achieve the

customer’s desired reliability, the open source virtualization

platform, Proxmox, was installed. This will allow a server to stay

online and remain productive in the event of a server failure. The

existing servers based on the Univention Corporate Server (UCS) were

migrated and brought up to date. The existing groupware, Zarafa, was

migrated to Kopano and the Kopano Desk app was rolled out

company-wide. All groupware data was migrated to the Kopano system,

allowing users to use their data as they did before. The central SEP

sesam Backup/Recovery solution includes various software agents for

Kopano, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and MariaDB. Data and databases

are backed up with SEP Sesam utilizing Backup2Disk and Disk2Tape

procedures. The data is first transferred to a NAS storage system and

then saved to tape. The backup server is connected to the backup

monitor of Siedl Networks. In the event of an error, Siedl Networks’

technician team will be informed immediately and can take rapid and

targeted action.


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