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SAP HANA® recertification for SEP sesam

SEP sesam was recertified for integration with the SAP Hana® platform in November 2023. After successful application of the Backint Certification Test Suite, the SAP® Integration and Certification Centre (SAP ICC) certified that SEP sesam 5 can be integrated with SAP HANA 1 and 2 using standard integration technologies with Backint SDK SAP HANA as well as Backint API version 1.0 and also version 1.5.

SAP® Certified - Integration with SAP HANA®

Increasing risk situation for the data

SAP applications contain business-critical data that is at the heart of the company. SAP applications are used in many different ways and must be backed up, as there are many sources of error that could lead to a disaster. Business continuity must be guaranteed. The threat posed by ransomware remains very high and is still on the rise. The BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) concludes in its report on the state of IT security in 2023 "The threat in cyberspace is higher than ever before... Ransomware is and remains the biggest threat. The BSI has observed a shift in cyberattacks using ransomware: The focus is no longer only on large, financially strong companies, but increasingly also on small and medium-sized organisations as well as state institutions and municipalities."

Why a certified backup solution?

Logical errors, such as ransomware attacks, viruses, human error, etc. can only be caught by a functioning backup/recovery. High availability (HA) solutions such as mirroring, etc. cannot help in such cases, as the error is only replicated and it is no longer possible to go back to the non-corrupt state. Encryption Trojans, for example, infect file systems without any recognisable effects for the user and only encrypt the infected data in one fell swoop after weeks. For a recovery, it must therefore be possible to access the data before the infection. This only works with a backup.

It is very important that the backup solution is certified for SAP applications, because only a backup solution certified by SAP guarantees that SAP support can be used at all times and that the business-critical SAP applications can function smoothly, be backed up and restored.

A company-wide backup solution for the entire IT environment

SEP sesam also enables the SAP backup solution to be integrated into the company-wide data backup solution, as this means that everything is from a single source, easy to manage and requires less training. The SEP backup solution backs up a variety of platforms, applications and databases as well as heterogeneous environments. The consistent backup and recovery of virtual and physical environments, databases and applications is guaranteed and takes place in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. Data backup for cloud use is also supported. SEP immutable solutions (SiS - SEP immutable Storage, Blocky4sesamTM, S3 Object Lock) protect the backup data itself against ransomware and store it unchangeably.

The highlights of the SEP sesam solution at a glance:

  • Certified for SAP HANA on Intel and Power platforms

  • Support for SAP NetWeaver, SAP ASE, SAP Business One, SAP MaxDB

  • More information about the backup of SAP environments:

  • Point-in-Time Recovery

  • Multi-hypervisor support (10 hypervisors are supported)

  • Cloud & on-premise solutions from SMB's to Enterprise

  • Technical security for the implementation of compliance requirements such as GDPR

  • Excellent configuration and 24x7 manufacturer support

  • No backdoors and "Made in Germany"

  • Immutable solutions to protect backup data from ransomware

The requirements for data backup are diverse and the list of dangers is long. Backup is the life insurance for companies/organisations and often the last instance to save the data including the important SAP environments or the affected company. Leave nothing to chance and therefore rely on a reliable, high-performance and certified solution such as SEP sesam.

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