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With this web portal you can easily download the latest version of SEP sesam and other SEP related products. Older versions are availbale in the archive.
Just select the necessary options by clicking via the tabs from left to right matching with your individual environment.

The latest version of SEP sesam is called Apollon. The current release number is: n.a..

If need be you can find a reference table mapping version names to release numbers here.

The content of the SEP supportmatrix acts as a general basis and also reference for this download portal.

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More Information

Have a look in our WikiAbout_Installation_and_Update
Get a license for the Community EditionCommunity Edition
More details on Blocky4SesamRansomware Protection
More details on IKARUSVirus Check
More details on Backup EagleReporting and Monitoring


  • Backup Server
    A Backup Server is needed as brain of a backup data zone. The Backup Server triggers all actions and keeps track of the meta data in his database and listfiles.
  • RDS
    A Remote Device Server works like a media server or media agent and can take a lot of workload off the Backup Server. Triggered and controlled by the Backup Server an RDS will act on his behalf while writing to its own or shared media to adapt to your local infrastructure requirements or at another location.
  • Client
    The Backup Client package provides all agents to backup any kind of data like file, hypervisor snapshots, databases, applications and more.
  • GUI
    In contrast to our browser-based WebUI the java-based configuration GUI can run on any Windows or Linux host.
  • Community Edition
    For the Community Edition you first have to register for a cost-free license on the SEP homepage. In the next step you will be routed back to this download portal to walk through the standard download process for your installation package. Use 'Backup Server' as a starting point for the download.
  • Java
    In case you need fast access to a java package that matches with the latest SEP sesam version this can act as an alternative source to Oracle.
  • Exchange Recovery Pro
    Exchange Recovery Pro has to be installed in case you need a single item restore (e.g. emails, contacts or calendar entries) from a backup with the SEP Exchange modul.
  • Blocky4Sesam
    With Blocky4Sesam you can manage immutability of your backup data volumes on Windows.
  • Backup Eagle
    The product Backup Eagle should be installed if specific or customized reports are required. Especially when it comes to auditing and monitoring Backup Eagle can significantly increase your data security. Licenses have to be bought from our partner Schmitz RZ Consult.
    IKARUS enables an online virus check of your data during restore.
  • Service Packs
    Get your SEP sesam service pack for your desired version.
  • Archive
    Search our archive for older versions, old operating systems or packages for 32-bit architectures.

Choose your Operating System


SEP sesam supports a broad range of operating systems on various HW architectures:

  • Windows for Intel and AMD (x64)
  • SUSE Enterprise Server (SLES) on x64, IBM Power or arm
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on x64, IBM Power or arm
  • Debian on x64
  • Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server on x64 (identical with SLES)
  • AIX on IBM Power
  • For Oracle Linux, CentOS, Alma and Rocky Linux the package for Red Hat will be used (x64 only)
  • For Ubuntu and Univention the Debian packages will be used
  • Older operating systems like Solaris, HP-UX, Tru64, Reliant-UNIX, FreeBSD and more you will find under 'ARCHIVE'

Choose your HW Architecture


SEP provides packages to be installed on the following HW architectures:

  • x64 standard Intel or AMD processors (could be used with Windows or Linux)
  • IBM Power System (could be used with Linux or AIX)
  • arm (with Linux only)

Choose the Version of your Operating System


Depending on the selected product, operating system and HW architecture various versions of your OS are available:

  • Windows: 2022, 2019, 2016, 10, 11
  • SLES: 15, 12
  • RHEL: 9, 8, 7
  • DEBIAN: 12, 11, 10
  • OES: 2023, 2018
  • AIX: 7



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If you need technical help please contact SEP Support support(at)sep(dot)de.

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