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Challenges of Cybercrime, Backdoors, GDPR and Adaptability - Critical Systems Need a Best-in-Class Data Protection Solution

The requirements in the school and education sector are diverse, so several 100 devices of all kinds (stationary & mobile) are no longer uncommon. In addition, there are often different operating systems on a variety of different devices, diverse applications and even cloud applications such as Microsoft 365 with many users, and the resulting data must be reliably backed up. This requires appropriate expertise to create optimal data backup concepts for schools and the education sector and to implement the most suitable data backup solution SEP sesam.

The data to be backed up by educational institutions is diverse:

•    Administration (for example: specific and specialized training documents, online sick notes, training contracts, etc.).
•    finances
•    Financial statements (grades, transcripts, exam-preparation documents)
•    Personal data of students, parents
•    homepage
•    newsletters
•    Portals (parent portal, MEBIS, FIBS)
•    Communication from SaaS cloud applications such as MS 365 (email, teams, WhatsApp)
•    Online exams

The relevance of the data and thus the data security requirements are diverse. Among other things, it is necessary to consider whether there is a potential loss due to loss, how important the relevance of the data and availability is for operations, what the effort and time required for recovery is, as well as what mandatory requirements there are for the retention and deletion of data.

SEP Security

Various regulations and compliance requirements must also be observed, such as retention periods, encryption, GDPR (personal data, that data remains in Europe, etc.), BSI compliance (audit, components, processes, ...), no-spy rule and no-backdoors (software from Germany).

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"Software Made in Germany" - Seal of Approval from the German Association of IT Mid-sized Businesses 

The following list summarizes in detail which features differentiate German software:

100% service: if you have any questions about the product, you will always find a competent contact person. Sales, service and training partners are available locally, hotline numbers are answered in German and English.

100% Quality: The software designed in Germany is also tested in Germany. Equally important for end users: program interfaces and manuals are multilingual or in German. 

100% Future: German software is investment-proof. The compatibility of your programs and data is guaranteed also in the future. Furthermore, the further development of the software is contractually guaranteed.

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