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SAP solutions are central to IT-environments for organisations around the world. These mission critical SAP systems require a wold-class certified backup solution that provides both data backup and the ability to recover from any disaster. These systems mandate a comprehensive business continuity plan, focusing on Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) based on company needs and policies. SEP’s certified hybrid backup and bare metal recovery solution are critical components of a business continuity plan. Implementing the SEP solution prevents and protects against any data loss and enables the recovery of the entire SAP environment in the event of disaster.

With SEP sesam, data is protected 24/7 and is always available. SEP’s reliable backup solution offers numerous certifications for SAP environments and has been SAP Certified since 2002. It is the only backup solution that protects SAP ASE (Sybase) and is certified for SAP HANA 1 & 2 on Intel- and IBM Power platforms as well as SAP NetWeaver. SEP’s versatile and economical data protection is ideal for SMB up to large enterprises. 

In November 2023 SEP sesam backup solution has been reconsidered and achieved SAP-certified integration with the SAP HANA® platform. The solution has been proven to interoperate with SAP HANA, providing data backup and recovery. After successful application of the Backint Certification Test Suite the SAP® Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that SEP sesam 5 can be integrated with SAP HANA using standard integration technologies with Backint SDK SAP HANA as well as Backint API version 1.0 and also version 1.5

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Data Protection for Oracle Solutions

Mission critical systems like Oracle solutions need and require a world-class certified data protection solution that provides both data backup and the ability to recover from any disaster. No matter where systems and data are located – they have to be available 24/7. SEP is the life assurance for businesses and organizations worldwide.

SEP sesam online Oracle databse agent

The SEP sesam online agent for Oracle/RMAN integrates Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) with SEP sesam to efficiently back up and restore Oracle databases. Oracle provides a Media Management Layer (MML) for saving Oracle databases to SEP sesam Server. The MML API gives the Recovery Manager (RMAN) access to the backup application.

For Oracle, SEP sesam represents a media management utility. It handles media and devices and loads, unloads and labels media. SEP sesam provides online backup and restore for Oracle target database(s).

RMAN manages the target database (the database containing the control files, data files and optional archived redo logs that are being backed up or restored) and all Oracle server processes on the target database.

SEP sesam Backup for Oracle Linux Virtualization

The full integration of the Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager Backup API into the SEP sesam Hybrid Backup solution ensures consistent backup and recovery of virtual machines (VMs).

SEP sesam Hybrid Backup provides fast and intuitive recovery functions for virtual environments. The integrated solution allows Oracle Linux Virtualization VMs to be backed up consistently without having backup clients installed in each virtual machine.

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