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A new species of SEP Hybrid Backup

"Nothing is as constant as change" (Heraclitus of Ephesus). According to this motto SEP sesam is constantly developed further and adapted and optimized to the changing requirements of IT environments. The latest version SEP sesam Grolar offers extensions for virtual environments, now supports 6 hypervisors, new backup targets/technologies both on-premise and in the cloud and offers advanced security options.

Release Notes

New backup targets/ technologies

- S3 Cloud Replication
- Storage Snapshots of NetApp
- SUSE Enterprise Storage

Enhancement for virtual environments

- 6. Hypervisor: OpenNebula Support
- Hyper-V Single File Restore
- VMware on Nutanix
- Citrix XEN nativ INC (CBT)

Advanced Security Options

- Authorization - Specification of access rights and roles
- Simplification through authentication via AD (Active Directory)/LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) 

Simplification and Extensions

- Ease of use
- More Reporting
- More useful features

SEP Grolar - Out now!

SEP sesam Grolar - New Features

S3 Cloud Replication 

Replicate your Data in the Cloud

  • Backup copy with separate EOL
  • Cheap Cloud Storage
  • Media Breach
  • Global Access to the Backup Data
  • Use S3 to access any local object storage e.g. SES
  • Encrypted connection to S3 via https
  • Data reduction by efficient SEP Si3 deduplication
  • Possibility to transfer encrypted data
  • Reducing the number of S3 transfer calls by Si3 optimization via transfering complete saveset files=> significant cost reduction

Storage Snapshots

Use NetApp Hardware snapshots for backup and restore

  • Automated usage of storage snapshots as backup media 
  • Use Backup Software to trigger and administer HW Snapshots for file system backup 
  • Provide more granular and extremely fast Restore Points 
  • Uses HW API
  • Support for NetApp Trigger snapshots 
  • Use snapshots as backup target 
  • Delete snapshots 
  • Migration from the snapshot
  • Single File Restore from snapshot 
  • Support for ONTAP 8 and 9 
  • Configure as new Data Store type


specifying permissions and roles

  • Providing a first multi tenancy concept 
  • Restrict user-based access via Access Control Lists (ACL) 
  • ACLs based on locations or clients. Each location or client could represent a separate customer or organizational unit 
  • Backup admin can
    • configure users 
    • assign roles 
    • set permissions 
  • Available Roles 
    • ADMIN 
    • RESTORE 
  • Permissions will be inherited from previous levels 
  • Users can be packed into user groups 
  • User permissions are also applied to the dashboard


Mapping With AD/LDAP

  • Using a unified scheme for the permissions of groups and users
  • Mapping of AD/LDAP groups with SEP sesam roles 
  • Can be used for eDirectory and OpenLDAP 
  • Needs DB-based authentication to be activated in SEP sesam


Backup of Vms from Cloud Management Level

  • First backup software on the market with official OpenNebula support 
  • SEP sesam GUI-based backup and restore of OpenNebula VMs 
  • Live FULL backup of persistent OpenNebula virtual machines via snapshot 
  • Backup of virtual machine configuration 
  • Simple restore of complete OpenNebula virtual machines 
  • New task type OpenNebula 
  • Using OpenNebulas API and snapshot tools 
  • OpenNebula 5.2.1 with DRBD backend

Simplification & Extensions

small but significant Changes

  • Adapt the amount of data to backup via BSR PRO excludes and compression

  • Default access mode is set to the secure connection method SM_SSH (previously CTRL)
  • The DataStore dialog and its workflow has been revised and simplified significantly. Not only because of the new tabs for S3 and NetApp snapshots but especially with respect to media pool and drive handling
  • The self service restore assistant has been enhanced by  NDMP, NSS file systems and Kopano single mail restore
  • A new toolset called Rhythm has been integrated which provides a programming API to create user-friendly HTML formatted reports which can also be sent via SEPs mailing interfaces
  • Direct access recovery (DAR)  is enabled by default

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