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SEP sesam on IBM PowerLinux servers

One backup solution for all company applications, data and OSs, including virtual environments Nobody argues that today’s IT environments are more challenging than ever — especially considering that almost every application has to be available 24/7, must be web-enabled and needs to be distributed geographically as well as virtually. On top of those criteria, maintaining a rock-solid backup and recovery system that is cross-platform, distributed, deduped, encrypted, unhackable and that supports recovery down to the level of a single e-mail address and that can be managed from a single console can be a daunting task. This is the arena in which SEP AG (headquartered in Germany1 ) is a pioneer. With expertise in network-wide and cross-platform dataavailability software since 1992, SEP has developed industry-leading, Linux® platform-driven technology for data security and has integrated one of the fastest and most reliable data-backup solutions available today. It is ideal for businesses of all sizes, and has proven its value for thousands of companies across the globe.

Brauer is also happy because the new SEP-driven backup process has shown a significant performance improvement over the previous solution. This is partly the result of a sophisticated new block-level data-compression and deduplication routine that reduced Pneuhage data volumes by about 50 percent. Called the SEP File-interface Deduplication System Virtual Appliance (SEP FDS VA) powered by FalconStor, this solution analyzes blocks of data and determines whether the data is unique or if it has already been copied to the SEP FDS VA repository. Unique-data instances are passed to the SEP FDS VA repository. Each deduplicated file is replaced with a stub file, whose function is to direct to the repository and is used to retrieve stored data. The benefit of block-level compared to file-level deduplication, is its superior effectiveness in cutting storage consumption, which reduces backup-management costs by dramatically lowering disk-storage needs, data-center power consumption, tape dependencies and offsite tape-storage costs.

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