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Loxam Powered Access

"SEP sesam hebt sich durch seine einfache Installation, blitzschnelle Lösungen und Zuverlässigkeit zusammen mit einem erstklassigen technischen Support deutlich von der Konkurrenz ab."

Loxam Powered Access

”SEP sesam’s easy installation, blazing fast solutions and reliability along with first-class technical support place it head and shoulders above the competition.“

The Loxam Powered Access, a worldwide market leader in the rental of powered aerial work platforms, had administered backups on a server-by-server basis using Symantec’s Backup Exec, eating up a lot of time for daily management and administration. Before implementing SEP sesam, the company had to deal with many challenges.  When Backup Exec discontinued support for NSS volumes on the Novell Netware platform, it left Loxam in a quandary.

“Suddenly we were left in a situation without the ability to perform backups of our critical data,” related Nitin Patel, Group IT Operations Manager for UK’s Loxam Powered Access.

  • Across the Enterprise
  • Server at different locations worldwide
  • One central backup IT administration for unlimited offices located around the world
  • Both physical servers and virtual servers 
  • Email and Groupware-System (12 Groupware Servers)
  • Multiple database systems (17 database servers)
  • Server Hardware: Dell
  • Storage: HP LeftHand SANs

SEP sesam Modules

  • Backup Server: Linux
  • Client operational sytems: 
  • Windows, Linux, Netware, 
  • Open Enterprise Server
  • Virtualization: VMware ESX/vSphere
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL, mySQL
  • Groupware: Novell GroupWise, 
  • MS Exchange, Lotus Domino

“We set out immediately to find another solution. An ex-colleague of mine had heard about SEP sesam from an attendee whilst on a training course and once more at an Open Horizons’ event. We decided to evaluate the product and, on initial review, found it met our requirements”, stated Patel.

Using SEP sesam, Loxam can now centrally administer and manage the company’s local backups, as well as backups in remote areas and in other countries around the world. IT personnel can now set up backup tasks to run at any time, or all at once. Using SEP sesam’s patented multi-streaming technology, they no longer have to babysit their backup environment.
Nitin Patel went on to say, 

“The technical support provided by SEP is first class. They are very responsive, very knowledgeable and go the extra mile to ensure our issues are dealt with and resolved in the shortest possible time.”

Patel and his colleagues have developed a good working relationship with the SEP technical team and have always been pleased with the support.

In addition, it is the day-to-day performance that stands out. 

“The minimal amount of maintenance required for SEP sesam is noteworthy. We set it once and it just runs. Adding hardware, applications and applying updates are amazingly quick and easy,” Patel added.

The initial installation of SEP sesam was accomplished at the company’s UK headquarters staged over a few days as not to interrupt Loxam’s workflow.  

“SEP sesam’s easy installation, blazing fast solutions and reliability along with first-class technical support place it head and shoulders above the competition,” says Nitin Patel.

The SEP support was able to assist with the installation to overcome any issues Loxam encountered. Once the administrators became familiar with SEP sesam, Loxam’s staff remotely implemented the solution at operations in the other countries without further assistance and without the need to travel to install on-site. 

“This was very simple and easy to implement,” recalls Patel.

Any type of data loss would heavily impact Loxam’s operations and prevent them from performing their jobs. 

“If the company’s IT managers were in a situation where they lost data and we were not able to recover it quickly, it would be a significant problem. Our Finance and Operations Department would be impacted the most,” says Patel.

“SEP sesam now enables us to successfully backup all our data on any operating system platform that we use”, reports Patel. 

He and his team are confident that SEP sesam is one of the most reliable products they’ve seen. To date, no one at Loxam can recall an instance when a backup or a restore has failed.

Future Plans
SEP sesam is now a core component of Loxam’s backup strategy. 

“We are currently looking at and scoping our DR strategy and SEP sesam will be an integral part of the solution we implement,” Patel continued.

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