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You Can Avoid Paying Cyber Ransom!

Protect your valuable data from Cyber Attacks by implementing a capable backup and disaster recovery strategy. When many businesses first recognize that a cyber-attack has occurred, it is already too late to prevent critical data loss or encryption. The virus protection software either failed to recognize the intrusion or recognized it after encryption had begun. The first instances of ransom cyber-attacks against hospitals in the U.S. involved compromised data being encrypted and held until the demand for payment was met. A reliable and safe analysis of the infected data must take place before the system can be brought back online. In order to accomplish this, a robust and reliable backup and disaster recovery strategy, like SEP Software, must be in place prior to the attack.

Boulder, CO – March 9, 2016 – Cybercrime is continually taking on the new forms. Recent cyber-attacks launched against hospitals and other businesses, cybercriminals are using the new encryption Trojans, Locky and TeslaCrypt, to extract payments in exchange for releasing their data. IT departments from around the world, across all industries, must now be prepared for this new form of cybercrime.

In a recent report released by Google’s virus warning service, VirusTotal, only three of the 54 different virus scanning software were able to recognize the initial intrusion of the spyware*. In some cases, these Trojans were at work for weeks infecting the unprotected data without the knowledge of company personnel or IT administrators. Unfortunately, this situation in the U.S., has led to the first recorded hospitals paying cybercriminals a substantial sum of money to release the hospitals’ critical patient data.

SEP Software, the developer of a platform independent backup and disaster recovery solution, is an expert in this area. SEP can advise companies to avoid such situations and provide expert assistance creating a thorough backup strategy to eliminate the possibility of blackmail during a cyber-attack. Using SEP as your backup software, a company can confidently restore all critical data, even after a ransom attack.

  • Restoration and Rehabilitation Procedures after a Cyber Attack
  • The infection has occurred.
  • Detection by the IT Administrator.
  • Determine when the virus entered the system by analyzing recent full and incremental backups. Pinpoint the last successful set of backups before the infection. Using a forensic Linux program like KALI on a protected server, find the infected files by comparing backup records, begin to analyze the virus and remove it from all servers.
  • The backed up data will be restored from removable devices, like removable disk or tape, to the cleaned and verified system disk drives and mounted using Read-Only-Mode.
  • Compare data sets from various points-in-time.
  • Restore data sets that are confirmed clean of the virus.
  • Check that all systems safety and anti-virus mechanisms are updated and verified to prevent another attack.
  • Restart the systems and resume regular operations.
  • Continue regular backups and test restores to maintain the integrity of your DATA! 

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