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SEP SNAP Partner Days 2017 were dedicated to compliance and international growth

Expanding strategic relationships with international vendors and improving possible applications for SEP solutions. Lawful data backup with SEP supports partners with implementing the EU-DSGVO. Partner event was hosted at the new headquarters in Holzkirchen near Munich for the first time on September 11-12. Deutsche Telekom and GP EDV Services received partner awards.

Holzkirchen, September 19, 2017 – At the SEP SNAP Partner Days 2017, SEP presented its new backup and recovery solution “SEP sesam Tigon” to its partners. Furthermore, SEP offered an outlook of the extensive possibilities that could be achieved through strategic partnerships with leading software manufacturers worldwide. More than 50 SAP partners could be welcomed to the SEP partner network as SAP increasingly recommends SEP sesam for larger projects. The keynote speech “The way to compliance for SEP partners and customers” was held by lawyer and privacy expert Dr. Jens Bücking. He addressed the new data protection and security law. At the evening event in the Slyrs distillery at Schliersee, participants got insight into whisky production and were able to celebrate the success of the past year together. Finally, SEP conferred its annual partner awards. This time, the partner Deutsche Telekom received “Top Competency Award 2017” and GP EDV Services was honored with the “Reseller of the Year Award 2017.”

In a setting of rapidly growing volumes of data, increasingly virtualized environments and rising compliance guidelines, the various backup and recovery solution possibilities piqued a lot of interest among participants. For instance, more and more vendors like SAP, SUSE, Red Hat, Fujitsu, IBM and Lenovo are recommending the backup solution SEP sesam to their customers. It allows hybrid and heterogeneous environments to be backed up perfectly with just one solution. SEP Regional Manager for APAC Gordon Hubbard reported that partnerships with SAP and Red Hat in particular have enabled rapid growth in Asia. Dr. Ralf Rieger, Platform Solution Group, SAP, pointed out these opportunities to the SEP partners. Holger Gottwald, Senior Alliance Manager at SEP, showed participants the top results achieved with customer evaluations from Gartner Peer Insights. Customers confirmed SEP’s excellent quality and service.

In his keynote speech, Dr. Jens Bücking explained the growing importance of compliance, particularly for the backup environment. The specialized lawyer for IT is Partner in the law firm esb in Stuttgart, Data Protection Officer and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart as well as Professor of Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Compliance at E.N.U. in Kerkrade. He also clearly depicted the effects of the upcoming EU data protection regulation in his presentation. SEP was able to point out the lawful data backup with SEP sesam achieved by comprehensive encryption capabilities, for example. In addition, SEP already meets the requirements as it fulfills prescribed measures concerning data backup and recovery.

The annual partner awards illustrate the partners’ dedication and honored the competent implementation of SEP sesam backup strategies by partner Deutsche Telekom. Karsten Hepper, Head of the Competence Center Network, received “Top Competency Award 2017” for Deutsche Telekom. Peter Großhauser, founder and CEO of GP EDV Services, accepted the prize “Reseller of the Year 2017” for the company’s excellent performance in the past year.

Our partners are the basis of our success. Thanks to all attendees for their participation in our SNAP Partner Days 2017. Regular interchange is an important component for developing and expanding our solutions,” said Georg Moosreiner, CEO and co-founder of SEP AG. “The impressive growth that also allows us to progress far internationally is always dependent on the performance of our partners. The fact that we were able to host the event at our new head office in Holzkirchen for the first time this year was another highlight.”

Quotes of partners and participants in SEP SNAP Partner Days 2017:

“SEP’s SNAP Partner Days is a great event for us because they allow us to meet competent companies in the areas of infrastructure and compliance. SEP has excellent SAP-certified backup solutions for various SAP environments that we can highly recommend to our customers.”

Dr. Ralf Rieger, Platform Solution Group, SAP

“What we liked in particular about this year’s event was its network character. As a long-standing partner, we could establish new contacts. That helps us expand our business. We’d like to thank the dedicated employees of SEP in particular because they created such a personal atmosphere.”

Erwin Pfuhler, Sales Manager, sayTEC

“SEP is an important component for the success of our infrastructure projects. We could show this through many examples at the partner event. We’d like to praise the event organization that guaranteed a smooth operation. We’re looking forward to next year’s event.”

Kay Sander, Managing Director, PBIT Systeme

“As a long-time partner, we attended the event with great pleasure. The combination of Red Hat as a basis for SAP installations that are backed up perfectly by SEP and the long-time experience in Linux and open source environments are decisive for a steadily growing and successful cooperation.”

Hubert Schweinesbein, Manager EMEA Partner Enablement Team, Red Hat

“SEP SNAP Days was a successful event. Diverse topics and an interesting program enabled us to learn new things and gave us a chance to exchange ideas with colleagues. That confirmed that we would like to work together with SEP on future projects as well.” Dirk Beemelmanns, Business Development, Bechtle Solingen

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