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SEP sesam available from Fujitsu Europe effective immediately

SEP and Fujitsu respond to the growing demand on the part of the Fujitsu channel. Now, Fujitsu partners can order hardware and software for storage and backup from a single source that is 'made in Germany'. Presented for the first time at the 2015 Fujitsu Forum in Munich

Weyarn/Munich, December 3, 2015 – SEP AG, a manufacturer of platform-independent hybrid backup and disaster recovery solutions, now offers its products for the channel through Fujitsu. The high demand from Fujitsu partners convinced both companies to take this step. Fujitsu partners will now be able to purchase the backup solution SEP sesam directly from Fujitsu. With SEP sesam, companies and organizations can complete data backup projects much easier. SEP presented the new possibilities to Fujitsu partners at the 2015 Fujitsu Forum held in Munich on November 18 and 19, 2015. The visitors to SEP’s booth showed great interest and the partners appreciated the fact that SEP sesam can now be ordered from Fujitsu.

“Thanks to our extended cooperation, we can meet the growing demand from Fujitsu partners from now on,” said Georg Moosreiner, CEO of SEP AG. “Our partnership has made SEP sesam the perfect backup solution in combination with hardware from Fujitsu. The partners are thus once again showing their trust in solutions ‘made in Germany’,” he added.

“As a leading full-service information and telecommunications provider, we constantly respond to the needs of our partners. The partnership agreement we reached last year with SEP is very successful; therefore we look forward to being able to also offer our partners one of the best hybrid backup solutions on the market,” added Marcus Schneider, Senior Director of Product Development for the Group Storage Service Platform Business at Fujitsu.

Effective immediately, all Fujitsu partners in Fujitsu SystemArchitect can order all types of SEP licenses without going through the complicated process of local buying. In Germany alone, more than 8,000 Fujitsu channel partners will now gain access to the full SEP sesam hybrid backup portfolio. In addition, Fujitsu partners can obtain a free NFR license for their own IT infrastructure upon request. This is unlimited in terms of the scope and supported by the personal SEP Partner Support.

The Fujitsu channel can decide between volume, subscription and standard licensing models for SEP sesam. With the volume and subscription models, licenses are based on terabyte data volumes. The classic licensing depends on the server versions used in the backup environment. The SEP sesam backup server serves as the central licensing point. Through extension options, comprehensive backup of the entire IT environment can be achieved, from virtual and physical machines to even consistent backup of databases and applications. All extensions can be precisely adapted to suit the respective IT environment. The license model ranges from an SEP sesam ONE Server with one stream that processes the backup jobs in succession and can back up a terabyte of hard drive in the basic version, to the SEP sesam Enterprise Server with ten terabytes of disk space in the basic license, 250 streams and unlimited extension possibilities. Removable media are supported in all versions in an unlimited number and memory capacity.

With SEP sesam, it is possible to back up and restore all of the data in either a centralized or decentralized manner across network and system boundaries. This includes a wide range of applications and databases including SAP environments and virtual machines with different types of operating systems. The intelligent Si3 Deduplication technology significantly reduces the volume of data to be stored. Companies and organizations in over 50 countries rely on SEP, including ALDI Nord, SPIEGEL-Verlag, Stadtwerke Potsdam, the Port of San Diego, the Technical University of Vienna, GAD and Georgetown University.

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