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SEP announces Snapshot Backup for Red Hat Virtualization 4

SEP provides advanced data protection and native backup API support for Red Hat Virtualization 4. Compliant backups, fulfillment of SLA’s and support for any guest operating system. SEP to provide a unified data protection solution for Red Hat Virtualization

Weyarn/Frankfurt a. M./Raleigh, N.C., August 25th 2016 – SEP, a vendor of platform-independent, hybrid backup and disaster recovery solutions for unified data protection, announced its support and availability of the API-driven snapshot backup solution for the recently announced Red Hat Virtualization 4. The combination of Red Hat Virtualization's backup API with SEP's Hybrid Backup solution “SEP sesam” offers more consistent data protection as well as the compliant recovery of virtual machines (VMs) in productive IT environments. The integrated solution offers a platform for IT-administrators utilizing the SEP sesam management interface to monitor the data protection status of the entire IT infrastructure. SEP sesam supports Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization since version 3.5.1.

SEP’s Hybrid Backup solution offers greater data protection and gives fast and intuitive restore capabilities for VM’s virtualized with Red Hat Virtualization without the need to install backup clients inside each virtual machine. Special disaster recovery procedures are no longer required. So RTOs and RPOs can easily be fulfilled. One key advantage of the data protection platform is the command line interface that enables highly customized administration of the backup and restore processes in an enterprise environment. Backup and restore specifications of various database and application vendors can be fulfilled by installing SEP sesam's industry-leading portfolio of certified backup agents.

SEP has been a technology partner of Red Hat, the world's largest provider of open source software solutions, for many years and won the Red Hat ISV Partner of the Year Award in 2010. SEP has been providing support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux since version 4. The backup solution SEP sesam can protect heterogeneous IT environments for a broad variety of platforms and significantly reduce the amount of backup storage by using SEP’s highly efficient Si3 inline deduplication solution, regardless of the introduced backup storage technology. This can lead to a minimum of backup storage space needed.

It is one of only a few solutions on the market that allows for comprehensive data protection for distributed and cross-platform IT environments. SEP supports a wide variety of virtualization platforms and operating systems, including Microsoft, Linux, Mac, Unix, IBM, FreeBSD and Sun Solaris. Companies and organizations in over 50 countries, including ALDI Nord, Grand Bank and Trust of Florida, Underwriters Safety and Claims, City of Fitchburg, the Port of San Diego, Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and the Technical University of Vienna trust SEP’s Hybrid Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.

Scott Herold, Product Manager for Virtualization Business at Red Hat said: “As organizations are looking for modern, more flexible, and more cost-effective virtualization solutions to form the cornerstone of their hybrid cloud deployments, adoption of open source virtualization solutions like Red Hat Virtualization has grown. Because of the important role virtualization plays, backup plays a critical role. With a strong ecosystem of complementary solutions like SEP's backup offering available at launch for Red Hat Virtualization 4, customers can have access to a hybrid solution that can help them improve data protection.” 

“Our long-term collaboration with Red Hat again has led to a great solution,” said Georg Moosreiner, CEO of SEP. “We are thrilled to offer a comprehensive backup solution that also supports the latest version of Red Hat Virtualization and enables customers to meet their RPO’s and RTO’s. This integration will give enterprises the opportunity to process business-critical data in virtual environments, reducing capital and operating costs.”

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