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New version of SEP sesam protects data even more flexible

Version 4.4.3 optimized for virtual environments such as VMware and Red Hat RHV. Source-side deduplication drastically reduces the data streams in the network. Managed Service and Backup-as-a-Service support. Atlassian JIRA is now an integral part of the various backup options

Weyarn, November 9, 2016 – SEP, a vendor of platform-independent hybrid backup and disaster recovery solutions, has introduced the new version of the hybrid backup solution SEP sesam. The release 4.4.3 contains extensive innovations for protecting virtual environments such as VMware, Red Hat RHV, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V and is available immediately. In addition, the new version is optimized for Managed Service Providers, who can reliably backup customer data in a legally compliant manner using a solution that is "Made in Germany". Another highlight is the introduction of the source-side deduplication, which no longer loads the network during backups. SEP sesam has been upgraded thanks to the further improved Si3 Target Deduplication and Replication. Users with special performance requirements now benefit from the support for the IBM Power platform and IBM Linux One. The all new SEP sesam Web Dashboard allows all processes and reports to be displayed on a browser-based basis. In addition, protecting Atlassian JIRA instances is now an integral part. SEP sesam is the first data backup solution that can backup and clone this booming environment. The version 4.4.3 is now available to all customers. A trial version, including free support, is provided by SEP at

Virtualized environments are protected with version 4.4.3 quickly and intuitively. SEP sesam is one of the leading data protection solutions for VMware environments. The new release now supports the startup of VMs directly from the backup memory, allowing VMs to be used immediately without any loss of time. VMware vMotion automatically moves productive VMs from backup to productive VMware storage during operation. Single file restores can be performed from disk-based backup storage - even from the Si3-DedupStores. Native backup API support for the newly introduced Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) 4 also ensures the operational reliability of this important hypervisor. In fact, the integrated solution even provides a convenient way to monitor the backup status of the VMs in the management interface of SEP sesam. This integrated solution allows Red Hat Virtualization VMs running on both RHV and RHEV to be consistently backed up without requiring backup clients to be installed in each virtual machine. In addition, an extensive portfolio of SEP sesam backup agents is also available for virtual machines, with special databases and applications.

As of version 4.4.3, SEP sesam is now ideally suited for data centers and managed service providers. SEP has developed its own licensing model for this that allows for the advantages of the cross-platform solution in heterogeneous, homogeneous, physical and virtualized network environments to also be offered as a backup as a service (BaaS). The goal of the SEP offering is to provide Managed Service Providers and Data Center Operators with SEP sesam, an ideal tool for providing their customers with long-term contracts at various levels of “Backup as a Service – BaaS.”  This gives customers an independent opportunity to protect their data in the company as best as possible, and then to back it up in the data center of the respective service provider as a secure cloud solution “Made in Germany.”   The new SEP sesam Web Dashboard allows easy and fast monitoring of all backup tasks. Browser-based and in editable report formats, the administrators have the status of their data protection environment in view.

The new SEP sesam Web Dashboard allows easy and fast monitoring of all backup tasks. Browser-based and in editable report formats, the administrators have the status of their data protection environment in view.  

“In the new version of SEP sesam, we have once again increased our performance and are among the leading solutions for the backup of virtual environments. The booming managed services area is also addressed with SEP sesam. Here, we have already gained important partners in the SAP environment, who have completely switched over to our solution,” says Georg Moosreiner, CEO of SEP. “Through the further development of the Si3 deduplication and replication, we underline our commitment to the optimal handling of increasingly large amounts of data in companies that have to be reliably and economically backed up. With SEP sesam version 4.4.3, our customers now get one of the best solutions for backing up and restoring data in heterogeneous environments.”  

The licensing model starts with the SEP sesam ONE Server that has one stream that runs the backup jobs one after the other and supports a backup volume of one terabyte to hard disk and an unlimited number of removable media in the basic version. The price starts at 290.00 euros net and includes 12 months of maintenance. The graduation then goes on to the SEP sesam Enterprise Server with ten terabytes of hard disk space in the basic license, including 250 streams and unlimited extensions, which can be purchased or rented individually. In addition, the volume (purchase) and subscription (rental) licensing are available, with which SEP sesam can be used without restriction. Only the data to be backed up is licensed. The successfully introduced MSP licensing with elastic price model is available for service providers.

Use the SEP tachometer to analyze the potential for savings through deduplication   For IT administrators, SEP provides a flexible data analysis tool, which can be used to calculate the savings of the backup storage in advance and evaluate it graphically. The software contains the Si3 de-duplication algorithms of SEP sesam and the result thus corresponds to the actual reduction as can be achieved for the data to be backed up. The tool can be downloaded from the Internet at after registration.

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