SEP First Step - Tech

The "SEP Fist Step - Tech" training module targets technical staff within new SEP partners and provides basic know-how to safely implement new SEP sesam environments. Understanding the SEP sesam product structure will help you avoid possible beginner issues and achieve a smooth start.

  • SEP sesam structure (SEP sesam’s four building blocks and their combinations)
  • SEP sesam – requirements, installation and basic configuration
  • SEP BSR – Bare System Recovery, disaster recovery – a must
  • SEP sesam – issues, log analysis (where to find log information)
  • SEP sesam licensing
  • SEP – service & support models for customers and partners (2nd level support)

Required for the Registered Partner level

SEP sesam Basic Administrator (SBA)

This course targets technical staff of SEP partners and customers who want to perform their daily tasks with SEP sesam simply and efficiently. It is the preparation for the SEP sesam Certified Administrator (SCA) training and exam, which participants can take, at the earliest, six months after this course or after 3 SEP sesam installations.

  • Prerequisites for the installation
  • Operation of SEP sesam in a network environment
  • Basics: SEP sesam processes and directory structure
  • SEP sesam components
  • Basic implementation (jobs, schedules, media pool, drive groups)
  • Backup, restore and migration with SEP sesam
  • Backup strategies: concept considerations
  • Media management
  • Fundamentals on interfaces
  • Storage pools, performance monitor, media filter

Required for the Certified Partner level

SEP sesam Certified Administrator (SCA)

The SEP sesam Certified Administrator (SCA) training targets the technical staff of SEP partners and provides the knowledge to securely install, maintain and support SEP sesam. It qualifies our partners to offer 1st-level support to customers and fall back on SEP AG via a 2nd Level Partner Support agreement.

  • Overview of new features in current version
  • Administration of SEP sesam components with and without GUI
  • Identificaton and configuration of connected storage hardware
  • Name resolution in SEP sesam with sm_client
  • Configuration options of interfaces from PRE to Notify
  • Introduction into the SEP sesam log file and directory structures
  • Interpretation and analysis of log files
  • Difference of external and internal backup mechanisms for databases
  • Short survey of SEP sesam Bare System Recovery (recovery on dissimilar hardware)
  • Upgrade services and licensing
  • Support structures and escalation options
  • Certification exam on SEP sesam Basic and Certified Administrator knowledge

Required for the Gold Partner level

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