Red Hat Storage Server

SEP sesam Hybrid Backup & Red Hat Storage Server

Anywhere Backup Storage

Massive Storage, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, Redundancy and Replication can now be at your fingertips with Red Had Storage combined with SEP sesam Hybrid Backup.

The enterprise can now backup and re-deploy data backups from anywhere to anywhere.  Backups created from the data center, virtualized environments and private or public clouds can be moved anywhere the System Manager needs it.

Using SEP sesam offers the largest portfolio of operating system-, hypervisor-, application- and database backup modules available today. With the comfort of one central managed backup solution in place, the need for an intelligent backup storage is getting in focus of IT-administrators.

Red Hat Storage Server offers global replication capability with a single point of administration - just like a self designed Enterprise Drop Box.
Replication is latency aware, object based and perfectly works together with SEP sesam Si3 inline deduplication. The included, Open Stack proven, Gluster FS offers the ability of easy and unlimited storage growth. Anywhere, using all kinds of disk storage.

Just add storage capacity for new backup jobs to the Red Hat Storage Server and SEP sesam is ready to use the new amount of backup space right away. This scalable and redundant backup-solution-stack allows tearing and backup-data-migration on any storage hardware or cloud storage.

One central backup solution for the entire IT-environment on the one hand side and a vendor independent backup storage with no limitations on the other hand side, giving maximum flexibility to IT-administrators and radically reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

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