Katun Corporation installs SEP sesam in 10 countries world-wide

The Situation

Katun Corporation, the largest provider of OEM parts for the world's printers-over $350 million in revenue, had used CA ARCserve for several years but corporate growth and new software developments, along with the conversion to Novell OES2 from NetWare, necessitated a new solution. Katun needed a workable solution to manage manufacturing sites around the world simply and efficiently. They needed a reliable, cost-effective solution to manage backups for all of those remote sites from a central location and the ability to retrieve and restore data either from the country location or from the main database.

Ed Lagrew, Director of IT and Storage Management for Katun Corp. stated, "We needed a ‘state of the art' backup solution for our growing manufacturing and communications needs. After an extensive proof of concept phase we determined that SEP sesam was absolutely the best solution for us. It was adaptable to our business model. It was easy to set up. We could manage sites around the world from a central console and we didn't have to run a Microsoft server to use as a media repository for backed up data.

"To tell you the truth, the cost compared to our previous solution, the ease of installation, the easy access to our remote manufacturing facilities and the reduced hardware requirements allow us economic savings in manpower, time and money not even considered before. Our economies of scale are beyond comparison with other solutions we considered," added Lagrew.

The Challenge

Katun Corporation had recently upgraded all their NetWare servers in the field to Novell's OES2 Linux. They required a new backup solution that provided nightly incremental backups as well as weekly full backups for each of the factory locations around the world. After seeing information regarding SEP sesam on the Novell website they downloaded the software and began a proof of concept phase. "The product was so easy to use and intuitive," reported El Lagrew, "that we were able to complete our installation/ testing and selection phase without contacting anyone at SEP. That has never happened before that we were able to install and run complex software without help from the manufacturer. After our conversion from NetWare, we needed a world-class backup solution that didn't break the bank," emphasized Lagrew. "With SEP sesam we found a truly world-class solution that allows us to implement a desired backup strategy that was never before possible."

The Solution

"We have been able to remotely install at all of our facilities including our manufacturing operations in Mexico City and in South America: São Paulo Brazil, Buenos Aires Argentina. We've also installed the software in the Netherlands, Madrid, Spain, Milan, Italy, Neuss, Germany and Paris, France," reported Lagrew. "The granularity of the software provides the capability to single mail or single file restores for our users anywhere in the world. New features added in the new version 3.6, just released in October, give us phenomenal abilities to find and restore critical data in the shortest time possible. I am so happy that we found SEP sesam. It has been a joy to work with the new product and the economic value of the software cannot be overstated. It is both superior and less expensive than other better-known products," stated Lagrew emphatically.

The Results

Katun Corp. has now installed SEP sesamin 10 countries around the world and they maintain the entire multi-million dollar corporation's vital data from a single location.

About Katun Corp.

Katun Corporation, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the world's leading aftermarket distributor of imaging supplies, photoreceptors and parts, as well as a leading manufacturer of fuser rollers and other select products, for the business equipment industry. The company serves more than 19,000 customers in more than 170 countries.