Water and Sanitation Industry

East Cherry Creek Valley Water andSanitation District (ECCV) had beenlooking for a replacement for theirlegacy backup software solution, CAARCserve, which had failed to keep upwith current technology and was notmeeting their PCI Compliancerequirements. Their search had beengoing on for approximately 6 monthsand after speaking with their outsidetechnical consultants, Digeteks, LLC.,they determined that SEP sesamlooked like a perfect fit.Initiates file downloadread more(PDF)...

Space Industry

Space Research Institute SRON

After using SEP sesam sucessfully in the Novell Netware and Open Enterprise Server infrastructure for two years, the SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research decided to move their entire backup software to SEP sesam. read more(PDF)...


Knott Brakes

Groupware is an inherent part of every established company. Microsoft Exchange is the commonly used solution because of the seamless interaction between MAPI and Outlook. Linux distributions were unable to keep up with that. Even the synchronisation between mobile clients and a mail server was barely practicable. This fact changed rapidly. Now Scalix offers an interface that makes it easy to integrate Linux software in Microsoft environments.

Construction Industry

Andersen Construction Company

Andersen Construction Company was using an older version of CA ArcServe backup software, which proved inadequate and the amount of time it took to complete backups was creating problems with the companies’ operations. "The overhead in time and complexity of running the backups for the remote locations and headquarters demanded we seek a new solution[...]" read more (PDF)...

Printing Industry

Katun Corporation

Katun Corporation, the largest provider of OEM parts for the world's printers-over $350 million in revenue, had used CA ARCserve for several years but corporate growth and new software developments, along with the conversion to Novell OES2 from NetWare, necessitated a new solution. Katun needed a workable solution to manage manufacturing sites around the world simply and efficiently. They needed a reliable, cost-effective solution to manage backups for all of those remote sites from a central location and the ability to retrieve and restore data either from the country location or from the main database.


How do you store 30,000 pages of news, graphics, artwork and pictures a week? How do you assure the printing capacity of 18 million copies of Austrian newspapers and magazines each week? The answer for Mediaprint is simply two words: SEP sesam. read more (PDF)...