VMware vSphere Online Backup

Full backup and restore functionality

With Version 4.4.3, SEP sesam can now be considered one of the leading data backup solutions for VMware environments. The new release supports

        • The start of VMs directly from backup storage
          VMs can be used immediately because no time is lost performing restores. VMware vMotion automatically moves productive VMs from backup storage to productive VMware storage during operations.
        • Backed-up VMDKs can be attached to productive VMs with Linux, Windows and Open Enterprise Server operating systems regardless of the platform.
        • Single file restore from CBT Full, Inc, and Diff backups
        • Instant recovery from CBT Full, Inc, and Diff backups
        • Single file restores and instant recoveries from deduplicated Si3 backups are also possible
        • SATA disks in addition to SCSI disks during backup and restore via the transport mode Hot-Add

          Full functionality is ensured for Linux backup servers and remote device servers.

          Performance Boost                                       

          Backup for VMware environments can be performed much faster by using a whole package of measures. The following measures contribute to this:

            • Support of CBT backups for single file restore and instant recovery transfers and stores only the disk space that is effectively used by the VMs in the backup storage. This is faster, saves network bandwidth, and significantly reduces the amount of data stored in the backup storage.
            • Communication between SEP sesam and vSphere has been significantly improved. Speed increases for backup operations in customer environments of typically more than 50% up to triple the data transfer rate are achieved by using the Hot-Add and SAN transport modes.
            • SEP sesam 4.4.3 primarily supports the higher performance vSphere VDDK 6.0.2.

                Integrated target deduplication and replication:

                The data and VMs respectively can also be stored on the Si3 DataStore in a deduplicated manner with a single click in the user interface, even for VMware backups. The backup storage requirements can be reduced to a minimum by using cross-system and hardware-independent SEP deduplication technology. This considerably reduces investments in backup storage. Si3 DataStores can replicate data to other networked Si3 DataStores N-to-N in a job-based manner. Secure distribution of the data to different sites is thus possible.

                Integrated source-side deduplication:

                One click in the user interface and VMware backups will be deduplicated and transferred from the SEP sesam DataMover (virtualized or physically) to the Si3 DataStore on the backup server or RDS in a way that spares bandwith.



                Note: All free versions of ESXi require a minimum license from VMware in order to be protected by SEP  sesam. This is due to the lack of vStorage API for Data Protection support in the free unlicensed versions of ESXi and is a current limitation of VMware.