SEP sesam Hybrid Backup for Red Hat Virtualization

SEP's native backup API support allows consistent data protection for Red Hat Virtualization users

The full integration of Red Hat Virtualization's backup API into SEP sesam ensures consistent data protection as well as the fast and comprehensive recovery of virtual machines (VMs) in production IT environments. The integrated solution offers a platform for IT-administrators utilizing the SEP sesam management interface to monitor the data protection status of VMs.

SEP’s Hybrid Backup solution offers greater data protection and gives fast and intuitive restore capabilities for VM’s virtualized with Red Hat Virtualization without the need to install backup clients inside each virtual machine. Special disaster recovery procedures are no longer required. So RTOs and RPOs can easily be fulfilled.

SEP sesam Hybrid Backup solution offers fast and intuitive restore capabilities for VMs. The integrated solution offers consistent data protection of Red Hat Virtualization VMs without the need to install backup clients inside each virtual machine. VMs running specialized applications and databases can still be backed up with SEP sesam's industry-leading portfolio of backup agents. One key advantage of the integrated platform is a command line interface that enables highly detailed administration of the backup tasks in an enterprise environment. SEP sesam backup server is Linux or Windows based and also supports Remote Device Servers. The backup API is available for Red Hat Virtualization as of version 3.5.1.

Download the Whitepaper of SEP sesam Backup for RHEV 3.6 or RHV 4.0

Read all about the SEP sesam Backup and Recovery Scenarios with RHEV/RHV, Backup Granularity, Backup Deduplication and Site-to-Site Replication Scenarios and much more. Choose your Red Hat Solution - SEP sesam is always the best Backup and Recovery solution for your IT-Infrastructure!




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