Microsoft Hyper-V

Empower your virtual Microsoft Hyper-V Environment with SEP

SEP‘s hot backup for Hyper-V is the ideal solution for virtualized environments. The high standards of SEP Windows system protection are included in the Hyper-V hot backup module.

The precise depiction of Hyper-V infrastructure is displayed in the SEP management interface showing available virtual guests and power statuses. This greatly simplifies planning and execution of automated backup processes.

SEP ensures that data security for both virtual and physical environments, including data backup and restore, disaster recovery and encryption, can be both easily and cost-effectively achieved. By implementing SEP, companies will realize savings in operating expenses, time and manpower.

Key Features
Full integration into the backup environment
Full integration into the management interface
Restore, replicate VMs onto the original system or an alternate system (time controlled)
Open File Backup
Windows VSS Snapshots
Encryption (stream, media)
Unlimited number of supported VMs
Small Backup Footprint
Supported VMs
Any O/S supported by Hyper-V
Backup Methods
Hot, Cold
Backup Types
Supported Platforms