Available in Univention App Center

SEP sesam:
The perfect solution for Univention Corporate Server (UCS)

SEP sesam reliably backing up all components of UCS platform (LDAP, email programs, services, and files) consistently on the fly with SEP sesam hot backup modules. SEP sesam can be installed on UCS as a backup server or backup client.

The long-standing partnership with Univention is characterized by an intensive cooperation - a guarantee for high performance solutions "Made in Germany".

The UCS@school platform in combination with SEP sesam provides a turnkey concept for school environments.

Univention App Center is the easiest way to install SEP sesam on Univention Corporate Server.

SEP sesam UCS App Center integration

SEP also offers methodology to set up fast and stable backup and recovery for KVM and Xen.

Both KVM & Xen create para-virtualized guest-systems that can be captured and restored by SEP sesam in the event of a system interruption or failure. These do not have respective interfaces like other virtualization solutions for backups and restores. Therefore, SEP sesam uses the snapshot method (LVM) to back up the guest-systems.

Through the integrated generation of snapshots from the defined backup tasks of SEP sesam, no additional planning and observation is required. Data required to restore a running virtual machine, can be found in the data base maintained by the SEP central administration and configuration interface.

  • Snapshot backup via LVM
  • Administration and Reporting in SEP sesam Management Interface
  • Highest performance
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