Backup and Recovery Solution for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

SEP sesam delivers full featured backup and disaster recovery solutions for SUSE Linux. SEP’s data protection solution for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has been certified since version 7, released in August 2001. High performance backups and fast data recovery capabilities, including SEP Bare Metal Recovery of a Linux server, are key features for organizations all kinds that depend on the availability of their IT infrastructure.

The SEP sesam backup server itself can operate on SUSE Linux. With SEP, administrators also have the ability to protect their Intel based machines, IBM Power servers and IBM LinuxONE.

Certified for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Full LVM Snapshot support

ACL Recovery

Advanced File System support

Cluster Ready

Mounting of Windows savesets on Linux based Backup Server/Remote Device Server
Disaster Recovery for Linux

VMware vSphere: Single file restore

DB- and application consistent backup

Linux based Backup Clients, Backup Server & Remote Device Server

Linux based Backup Server

Linux based Backup Client
Linux based Remote Device Server
IBM Power Support

IBM LinuxONE Support

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP HANA supported