EOL Operating Systems

Operating systems grow and change over time and these systems are generally used long after technical support has been discontinued. 

SEP understands the importance of being able to back up company data, regardless of operating system, which is why a broad spectrum of less-frequently used operating systems are supported.  Companies that use these older platforms as their server system have corresponding processes that cannot be easily changed. 

It is critical that the implemented backup software is able to perform over time in order to ensure the security of these enterprise systems.

Supported EOL operating systems include VMS, TRUE 64, OS/2 and SCO.

Benefits of SEP sesam for EOL environments

  • Support of all main platforms
  • Running development and QA environment
  • Patch-building by request
  • Gives the option to migrate old client license models to the current one
  • Extension of the life cycle with full data security
  • Cost reduction for SW support agreement through backup availability
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