SEP sesam offers a high-performance backup and recovery solution to protect Oracle databases. The Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) is fully supported by SEP sesam to provide backup and recovery operations for Oracle databases on Linux, Solaris, AIX and Windows. SEP sesam offers a Media Management Library (MLL) specified by Oracle. With this technology, users may perform full and incremental backups while the database is online, all while keeping the information on the database accessible.

The SEP sesam module for Oracle manages backup media, scheduling, and migration while RMAN controls the data to be backed up or recovered.  All Oracle database backups can be easily configured and scheduled with the intuitive SEP sesam management interface.

  • Point in time recovery and disaster recovery
  • Intuitive and easy to use management interface to configure, schedule and administrate all Oracle database backup jobs
  • Hot Backup. All databases are still accessible during backup and restore regardless of operating systems in use
  • Backup and recovery with RMAN to include data files, control files and archive logs. RMAN grants consistent databases during backup and provides flexibility and granularity for recovery
  • Script based restore with pre-defined scripts to reduce time
  • Oracle Cluster Ware and Real Application Cluster (RAC) environment support
  • Flexible media handling. Data can be stored on tape, disk, decentral storage, SAN or NAS.
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