SEP sesam for Zarafa provides a quick and simple installation on Linux servers to back up all Zarafa Groupware applications without interrupting the operation of the Groupware server. SEP sesam communicates with Zarafa technology to reliably back up all emails and data. SEP protects all data and supports restores of single emails and single items via the SEP sesam Restore Wizard. The licensing model for this extension ensures a cost-effective backup solution for every Zarafa Groupware installation.

Key Features
Full Zarafa support
Single object recovery (email, contacts, calendar, notes)
Search for lost emails (Restore Wizard)
Multi domain support
Fast Zarafa database backup & recovery
Incremental backup of mailboxes
Improved performance for large Zarafa environments
Restore to different mailbox user
Restore to different folder
Restore to different Zarafa server
Disaster recovery for Linux systems
Linux support
All common Linux distributions
Hypervisor support
All common hypervisors
30 days
  • Backup Method Flexibility - Support of scheduled, unattended backups, manual backups, and user backups, which allows end-users to backup and restore prespecified Zarafa data.
  • Restore of single objects (email, contacts, calendar, notes)
  • Hot Restore
  • Intuitive restore GUI
Callback Service