Benefits of SEP sesam for SAP HANA

Once again, SAP exhibited its leadership in the field of enterprise software with SAP HANA. Rapid analysis of large amounts of data, accelerated innovation, and streamlined transaction processing and analysis makes SAP HANA the most sought after in-memory platform on the market.

SAP HANA is acclaimed not only for its in-memory computing capability, but for its data backup and recovery handling. SAP provides its own certification process for backup products. The certified backup-solution, SEP sesam, is perfect for SMBs as well as large companies.

  • Application consistent backups
  • Integrated media management
  • Integrated capacity management
  • Backup and recovery natively integrated into SAP HANA studio
  • Eliminate 90 percent of redundant data with deduplication
  • Certified SAP solution since 2002

Features of SEP sesam for SAP HANA

Media and device management All devices supported by Media Manager are available to SEP sesam for SAP.
Scheduling facilities

SEP sesam scheduling facilities on the backup server can be used to schedule automatic and unattended SAP backups.
This feature also lets you choose the times when these operations can occur. For example, to prevent interference with normal daytime operations, you can schedule your database backups to occur only at night.

Multistreaming backups and restores SEP sesam for SAP lets you take advantage of SEP sesam’s multistreaming capabilities. Multistreaming directs multiple data streams to one backup device, thereby reducing the time necessary to complete the operation.
Transparent SAP and regular file system backup and restore operations All backups and restores run simultaneously and transparently without any action from the SEP sesam administrator.
The database administrator can run database backup and restore operations through SEP sesam. An administrator or any other authorized user can use SEP sesam to run database backups and restores.
Alternatively, if you use SEP sesam for SAP on an Oracle database, you can use SAP Tools as if SEP sesam were not present.
Sharing the same storage units used for other file backups It is possible to share the same devices and media used for other backups or to give SAP exclusive use of certain devices and media. SEP sesam for SAP can use Media Manager, disk, and PureDisk storage units.
Centralized and networked backup operations The SEP sesam backup server can schedule database backups or start them manually for any backup client. The SAP databases can also reside on hosts that are different from the devices on which SEP sesam stores the backups.
Graphical user interfaces SEP sesam provides a graphical management interface for Windows, Linux and Mac systems A database administrator or SEP sesam administrator can start backup operations for SAP from the SEP sesam graphical management interface.
Parallel backup and restore operations SEP sesam for SAP supports the parallel backup and restore capabilities of SAP Tools. For example, this permits the user to run more than one tape device at a time for a single SAP backup or restore, thereby reducing the time necessary to complete the operation.
Deduplication Deduplication increases backup performance over the network and reduces the size of the backups that SEP sesam writes to the backup storage.
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