Novell Vibe

SEP sesam is a complete backup solution for all Novell environments. The Novell Vibe module can be installed as a stand-alone solution for Vibe users; or it can be integrated into a complete backup solution using any of SEP's Novell certified backup products.

SEP sesam now provides complete online backup and recovery for:

  • NSS Volumes
  • eDirectory
  • Teaming/VIBE
  • Cluster Support with node fail-over and completion of task from interruption
  • iFolder
  • GroupWise
  • Disaster Recovery down to bare metal

SEP sesam also delivers a complete suite of backup modules for almost every operating system, database and Groupware solution.

SEP has been working with Novell SUSE since 1997 and was the first software solution certified to run with SUSE 7.0. Their long standing relationship assures the most technologically advanced backup and recovery solution for your Novell environment.

Key Features
Full integration into the backup environment
Full integration into the management interface
Encryption (stream, media)
Supported Operating System
Linux, Win 2003 (R2),
Win 2008 (R2)
Hot Backups
File Backup Types
Full, differential, incremental
Database Backup Types
depends on database
Granularity (file)
full, single item
Granularity (database)
depends on database