SEP Ready

SEP sesam certification for Software and Hardware vendors

The SEP Ready certification gives proof of a trustful and collaborative relationship and a reliable function of SEP sesam and hardware and software solutions. The certification makes sure that SEP sesam runs well out of the box and that it's ready for your business.

At SEP, we provide the services our partners need to ensure their hardware and software work optimally with the SEP sesam Hybrid Backup Solution. We work with technology leaders from small to large to provide the software, services, support and certification they need to complement their core competencies. For technology customers, this has created a thriving market of suppliers with SEP expertise.

Get the SEP Ready certification:

With the SEP Ready certificatoin, we give our partners and users a symbol of both quality and functionality without any charges. This makes it easier for users to choose their perfect backup environment.

We help and support you within the whole certification process by testing our backup appliance and software solutions based on SEP sesam against your provided solution(s).

These partners are already SEP Ready:


SEP and sayTEC have been working together for many years and both solutions perfectly work together.



The SEP sesam Backup Appliance including Thomas-Krenn server hardware is SEP Ready verified.

The SEP sesam Backup Appliance for SAP HANA including Thomas-Krenn server hardware is SEP Ready verified.

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